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“Water is one of humanity’s common goods. We are all responsible for its conservation and its equitable distribution.” Danielle Mitterrand

Danielle MitterrandThe Water Messengers’ movement

This international movement aims at raising awareness of the urgent issue of access to drinking water and to encourage citizens’ participation in campaigning for water conservation.

This movement, coordinated by France Libertés – Danielle Mitterand Foundation in France, is also active in Brazil, Canada and Italy.

Water Messengers: spreading the word

A water messenger is a citizen, community or institution that has become aware of the seriousness of the problem of access to drinking water and of the question of preserving this vital element throughout the world. We are all responsible, every one of us at a different level, for safeguarding water, nature’s vital and irreplaceable gift.

A Water Messenger commits him/herself to upholding the principles enunciated in the Charter.

The Water Messengers’ Charter

1. Water cannot be regarded as merchandise; it is a global common, not only for human beings but also for all forms of life.

2. In order to guarantee water as a resource for future generations, we have the duty to hand it back to nature as pure as it started out.

3. Access to water is a fundamental human right that can only be properly ensure by democratic and transparent management by public authorities. The latter must be legally guaranteed in constitutions.

Besides upholding the above principles, a Water Messenger also commits him/herself to being active in one or more of the following areas:

  • to protect the resource, as a user
  • to ensure democratic management of water, as a citizen or elected representative, at local, regional and national levels
  • to show active solidarity with those who do not yet have access to drinking water, in France and elsewhere in the world.

Carrying a feuille d’eau proclaims your identity as a water messenger

Feuille d'eau

The feuille d’eau is the Water Messengers’ trademark.

Philippe Starck designed this original article for Danielle Mitterrand and her foundation and offers it to all as an object that is useful, meaningful and represents a commitment.

The funds collected through its sale will be used to sponsor various water access projects backed by the foundation throughout the world.

Carrying the feuille d’eau is an act of engagement. It shows you belong to the Water Messenger community and is a way of both committing yourself to the principles of the movement and backing projects in the field.