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The foundation is run by a Board of Directors which defines annual objectives and decides how the foundation is to be managed.

The Executive Committee, whose members are appointed by the Board of Directors, approves project fund allocations and makes sure the Board’s decisions are respected.

Executive Committee:

•    President: Gilbert MITTERRAND
•    Vice-President: Jacqueline MADRELLE
•    Financial Manager: Achille DU GENESTOUX
•    Secretary: Emmanuel POILANE

Boards of Directors

•    Finance Commission: Alain SAUVRENEAU
•    Khaman ASAAD
•    Michel JOLI
•    Yann LASNIER
•    Sylvie PAQUEROT
•    Michèle RIVASI
•    Pierre SERNE

Honorary members of the board

•    Honorary vice-president : Claude VERCOUTERE
•    Marie-Jeanne GAXIE
•    Sébastien JUY
•    Daniel MARCOVITCH
•    Federico MAYOR
•    Christiane TAUBIRA
•    Jean ZIEGLER

•    Alexandra CLAUDIOS – Representative of the Minister of the Interior
•    Vincent DOMON – Auditor