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Rigoberta Menchu (Guatemala)


The civil war ended in 1996. It had caused the death of 100,000 people and the disappearance of 45,000 people. The Guatemalan people entered a period of reconstruction and reconciliation. Indian communities suffered the most from war. For many years, France Libertés was involved in supporting these:

  • we supported and partnered the Rigoberta Menchu Foundation, in particular in the organisation of a national campaign “in favour of civic participation”,
  • we supported the Guillermo Toriello foundation, member of the truth and reconciliation Commission,
  • we supported the national coordination of Guatemalan widows in its health training actions,
  • we supported financially and politically members of the Democratic Front for a new Guatemala.

In 2008, after the election of President Colom, who wanted to put an end to renewed impunity and violence, we participated in a campaign against the assassination of trade unionists by big multinational groups’ subsidiaries such as Chiquita.