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Program of the « People, Planet and Water » meetings


The program of the « People, Planet and Water meetings was drawn up through a participative process in which individuals from both French and International Civil Society took part.

First, French actors met together in Paris on 12th January, 2012 in order to define the themes to be discussed during the workshops and to draft the bases of the proposals that we would carry forward later on.

We then extended this first work through a questionnaire sent to our various networks so the draft could be completed and improved by all international actors who wished to do so.

After having analysed the questionnaires’ feedback, we were able to complete the program and make it more accurate and define the content of the workshops. The questionnaires also enabled us to draft a first version of a position document which was debated, amended and completed in the meetings of 9th and 10th March.

Download the program:  people_planet_and_water_-_program-3.pdf