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For a new development model


The extent and multiplicity of ecological, social, economic and financial crises shaking the world tragically show the limits of the “liberal” model. We defend another model of development, based on human and ecological fundamentals.
We have been considering the kind of society do we want for tomorrow and examining how not to repeat the same mistakes that will probably have the same consequences.

Those interrogations about what is necessary to society, what makes it “rich”, have been at the heart of our work. A globalised and financialised economy has often moved away from production of real goods and services useful to society. Human beings have been turned into simple “human resources” with little consideration of how human activity acts on the balance of the natural world.  Natural wealth (land, forests and water) have become mere resources to be exploited. Common goods have become “merchandise”. The fruits of this anarchic and excessive growth are not fairly distributed and cause irreversible environmental damage.

With our “Reconsidering wealth” program, we act collectively along with other associations such as the FAIR, Dialogues en humanité, Collectif Richesse (Wealth Collective), and Entrepreneurs d’Avenirs (entrepreneurs for the future).
In order to promote these values, we work along with our partners to set up alternative new wealth indicators to Gross Domestic Product (GDP). We also promote a different conception of the economy through our partnerships with actors of the social and solidarity economy.