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12 « Water Messengers » Projects


For 25 years, we have been acting in the field so as to grant populations a better access to water.

We became “Water Messengers” in 2010 in order to implement the right to water in the world and to stop letting water, “Global Common Good of Living Beings”, be considered as a merchandise.

Consequently, each one of these projects is a real “Water Messenger” in all meanings of the word. It is not only about digging a well in a place or to set up a water sanitation system in another. It is about attracting decision-makers’ attention on a local, regional, national and international level to implement the universal right to water, recognised by the United Nations in July 2010 and by the UN Human Rights Council, in October 2010.

We selected 12 projects out of over a hundred applications that uphold most our values and are in accordance with our wish to develop political ideas and citizen responsibility through concrete actions that have an advocacy and awareness-raising dimension.

For us, these projects distributed over 4 continents, will contribute to giving strength to population, to promoting the right to water and will illustrate our global strategy while promoting good practices.

Download the description of the 12 Water Messenger projects