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Climate change has become a major social concern. The negative effects on the environment, the peoples and the economy are now widely known. Highlighting the need to ensure the proper functioning of the water cycle to restore the climate seems to us, therefore, essential.

In general, and especially during formal negotiations between states, climate change is still associated with greenhouse gas emissions. However climate change can’t be limited to the greenhouse gas emissions problem. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) explains that the water cycle is influenced by the human activities since the 60’s and that it is one of the predominant factors of the climate change.

Water is an important issue in the most significant impact of climate change on people: for example storm, flood, dryness,… These impacts have a huge media coverage however the water cycle perturbation because of the human influence on the climate are much less known. Despite its key role in climate change, the essential link between climate and the water cycle which explains an important part of climate change has so far never been taken into account in climate international agreements.

            France Libertés has three objectives :

  • explain how the water cycle and climate are linked to local and global levels with a deliberate focus on water infiltration, evaporation and evapotranspiration.
  • present alternatives from every part of the world proving that human activities don’t have to necessarily be bad for the climate and the water cycle.
  • show that it is possible for everyone to act positively to put in place management methods that respect the water cycle, and thus to be an actor of a better climate balance.


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