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Danielle Mitterrand’s example continues to inspire us today. It is still vital to highlight the values she advocated and to communicate to as many people as possible her vision of a fairer world. This is why France Libertés has chosen to award the annual Danielle Mitterrand prize to a member of society who has contributed to spread these ideas.

Through the Danielle Mitterrand award, the foundation wishes to draw attention to initiatives which often receive little publicity but are nevertheless remarkable. We refuse to be fatalistic and seek to transmit our vision of a world based on profoundly humanist values.

2018 award winners

  • The Krenak People victims of the largest mining pollution scandal in Brazil, fighting since 2015 for their rights to be respected and to receive damages.
  • Golshifteh Farahani French-Iranian actress, for her courage in the fight for freedom.

2017 award winners

  • Or de question collective which includes numerous organisations from French Guiana fighting against the Montagne d’Or industrial mining enterprise.
  • Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim one of the Mbororo People of Chad, who is working to make the voice of Indigenous Peoples heard in international forums.

2016 award winners

  • The Alternatiba movement committed to finding alternatives in the fight against climate change, and to showing that all of us can make specific changes at our own level.
  • Vandana Shiva Indian ecologist, writer and feminist, for her work against biopiracy and her determination in the struggle against multinational greed.

2015 award winners

  • The Peschmerga forces for their courage and success in the fight against fanaticism and barbarism.
  • Kendal Nezan President of the Kurdish Institute of Paris, for his tireless efforts in the Kurdish cause and the leading role of the Kurdish Institute of Paris whose awareness-raising work benefits considerably from his work.

2014 award winners

  • Peruvian association for environmental rights (SPDA) a major force in the fight against biopiracy in Peru and the rest of South America.
  • Miguel Ángel Estrella Argentine pianist, for his long-standing commitment to peace.

2013 award winners

  • La Mesa interbarrial de Desconectados a network of organisations and communities who are working on the issue of disconnection from public services in Medellin in Colombia.
  • The citizens of Lampedusa in recognition of their commitment to welcoming and aiding migrants.
Danielle Mitterrand